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Subject: make world great again - is this the sort of tweet we need to viralise and open space now  ---  can make american youth great again- media not truly social unless links youth to apprentice



seventh time lucky for hilary clinton

circa 1990 the clintons visit bangladesh - unfortunately they only meet 1 of the 2 great end poverty networkers -storyteller muhmmad yunus

-they miss meeting end poverty's greatest connector of #learninggeneration 

as newbies in white house clintons totally fail to mediate open society in post-gorbachev russia, and ensure east europe boreders happily with euroepan union 

1997 backing yunus again clintons help launch microcreditsummit not microeducdationsummit- which would have valued digitally connected millennials more 

the end of local banking happened on clintons watch even if it exponentially became too big to fail on bush's who probably wouldnt have been elected over gore if bill's oval office had so little to keep him focused on higher interests- would gore's mindset led to isis? 

 07 clinton's friend yunus gets nobel peace prize raising the storytelling to a new leve;at 2008 most remarkable clinton global summit - promise to help the yes we can generation start of 2009 in spite of obama's mum's brilliance at womensworldbanking of 80s and 90s and obama riusing from the home of shorebank. adminstration fails to reform too big to fail banking lets hope which ever team lands in dc nov 2016 - they study blockchain and empower us youth to coilabireate with the most efecetive sustaonability solutions even if many small enterprise world gtrades are now most transparently dsigned buy china-  



Welcome to the Uni of Clinton Yunus and Mandela Mrs Clinton could improve the future of american youth by demanding a civics sourse for 9 year oils


@obamauni washington dc text 240 316 8157 Norman Macrae Foundation email

in search of education systems -and continuing The Economist's 40 year curriculum of 100 servant leaders of netgen as youth's most productive time ..

2016 thanks jack ma and un education commission of gordon briown for co-launch of 30 nations belief in greatest #learninggeneration 

 2016 why blockchain is youth internets last chance of sustainability education and 3 billion productive livelihoods

if dc-maryland cared about regions 20 million livelihoods - let alone its worldwide colaboration with net generation - go partner hangzhou consenus of jack ma now in marylans most exciting youth-in-development solutions 

 Joined November 2008


  1. #michellebarack promising news out of kenya - will learning satellite scale out of kenya first - #learninggeneration

  2. #michellebarack promising news out of kenya - will learning satellite scale out of kenya first - #learninggeneration

  3. to #michellebarack please do 8 year self-assessment : yes you can, 10 million green jobs, end malaria much more worthy than #hillarydonald

  4. special thanks GB mediating greatest #learninggeneration ;zero #hillarydonald; lets co-work

  5. who'd have thought smartest nation spend billions of hours ( & trn $?) believing youths future sustained by quarrel duo of #hillarydonald


The #LearningGeneration: A Global Wake-Up Call - YouTube

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The world faces three fundamental and urgent challenges: prosperity, security and health. Every day we are inundated with stories of poverty-stricken ...




which university partnerships are valuing youth 

as last jobs agents of human sustainability-

ALIbabaUNi BRAC EconomistUniversity & ... 

help map connections of jobs for global 


, sustainability goals and china capitalism







help map connections of jobs for global 


, sustainability goals and china capitalism


online library of norman macrae--


Why 9 year olds matter so much to nation's schools?

Whats connection between clintonUnii and yunusUni and mandelaUni ? questions welcome text Norman Macrae Foundation (researchers of net gen livelihoods ince 1972) washington dc 240 316 8157

 Children are often better at learning from each other than teachers. This was proven on a whole range of activities by Montessori, and is especialy true for conversational language acquistion 

Brain research shows that 9 years are a peak age for action learning NOT standardised testing =would you seriously expect to learn civics that way?

Ninenow is when they kids can optimally begin learning to teamwork

That’s when cross-cultural hapoiness can become a lifelong value -see exchanges organsied by Lucknow CMS

That’s when creativity can be unleashed open space action activites (ask harrison owen alumni)and eg briwse new zealands approach that every net generation child can be a filmmaker- something that struck a chord with 10 million chiense parents when they first started exploring www

 The bangladeshi microcredit revolution originally scaled through grassroots womens P2P learning networks; mandela extranet aims to create 1 million new jobs for disadvantaged youth by designing missing jobs creating curricula and apprenticeships maximising P2P

Coding is best learnt by doing projects with dashes of peer to peer mentoring

Scaling adolescent girls clubs is becoming the number 1 international service of the world’s number 1 ngo partnership in sustainability goals -search out BRAC

QuarterBillionGirls invite you t o join research of P2P curricula of world record job creation

So why wouldnt clinton demand a 9 year old curriculum of civics in which teachers were the first to learn as could be a community’s parents

Smartest question on banking in NY 2008 posed by 9 year old 

Why are youth and families always biggest losers when politicians let banks sub-prime (what's that)


when elders bankruot banking systems through property speculation, most governments have proved too coardly to zeroise sharehiolder value- its youth who the only ones left to bail out the nation even if thisd causes jobless generations

its mathematically absurd to fail to recongines the only sustainable growth comes from developing children and communities; the more so since post-indsutrial oportunity to celebrate sustainabiloity depended on every markt other than that dominted by extracting things




World Record Game of Job Creation version 2016-2017: Top 10 Sir Fazle, Jack MaBerners Lee ..text vote usa 240 316 8157

 Why The Economist forecast community banking would be absoliutely critical to post-industrial life

Should Bernie be appointed minster of education 

People concerend with civics curriculum for 9 yeras olds

Richard Dreyfus

Aflatoun finacial literacy curriculum used in 100 nations primary schools 

Why students should study 1 the gtratest finacial inclusioin apops; the greatest education apps  


Some times the world’s greatest job creators go in pairs. Nowhere is this more the case than celebrating the turn of the century’s greatest end poverty marathon racers – Sir Fazle Abed and Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus.



 It turns out, as Adam Smith foretold in the 1750s,  ending poverty is about diagnosing where broken social systems, especially in times of potentially revolutionary progress, give a child next to no chance to grow health and livelihood. End Poverty’s whole truth valuation by microeconomists involves changing the gameboard so that health and livelihoods blossom bottom-up. In this context Muhamamd Yunus played the role of youth’s hope maker and sir fazle abed sustainability’s rural engineer.


The Keynsian Schumacher had explained to a mid twentieth century world that: ending extrme poverty was primarily a systems crisis of millions of villages. The ER breakthrough - microfranchising a markets value chain so that hardworking families (illiterate or without infrastructure as they may be) take over enough of the local markets to grow is a most valuable economic lesson whether you began life born to a poorest village mother or have been forced into being somewhere that youth now find they have to bail out their elders compound fault-ridden systems


Example of How to Transform a Market By Microfrachising its Value Chain


Owning a few chickens to lay eggs was typically a most valued income (and food security) opportunity of a village mother in 1970s Bangladesh.. BRAC analysed that the number of eggs laid by the traditional scrawny chicken couldn’t amount to a living wage. So BRAC innovated the breeding of a superchicken that laid many more eggs. The problem was this hard working chicken needed periodic veterinary attention. Three jobs franchises – breeding superchicken , laying eggs,  veterinary services for village chickens were supplemented by 2 more job description templates: how to retail the now surplus eggs to villagers requirements; how to produce chicken feed from areas not capable of cultivating human crops. In all these 5 microfranchises, created nearly a million jobs in BRAC’s race to end villager poverty, and had made BRAC the leading player in Bangladesh’s poultry market. The whole value chain is designed so that once poorest local female producers can sustain a good livelihood. Being owned as a village trust, BRAC isn’t sucking out profit to any global shareholders the way that is uneconomically/unsustainably designed into most national or global brand leaders of the poultry market.


Q&A Is there any global market that doesn’t need a benchmark microfranchise if worldwide youth are to celebrate sustainability retiring to every local community around the world? In the rural transformation of a value chain sir fazle abed recommend the 3 E’s Effectiveness, Efficiency , Expandadbility (once you have tested small – how a microfranchisde sustains one community – is it collaboratively expandable to all analogous communities and integral to a total value chain)




VALUING REALITY’S GREATEST HEROINES AND HEROES:Back in Bangaldesh where a nation was turned into a lab for development by the world’s poorest mothers living in villages without electricity , commmunications or running water, end poverty solutions –and world wide knowhow sharing – needed collaboration of the most trusted kind. But inconveniently in the noisy tv advertising and trivial pursuit celebrities of the western world of the late 20thcentury- champions are often made to fight each other in this case by aid funders who could have known better.  The unintended consequence, no western academics have yet appeared with the ability to teach the greatest job creating solutions any hemisphere has contributed to a planet desperately needing to be united around social world trades of youth’s sustainabiliity goals.












What courses would be most valuable if Yunus Uni was best space for sustainability goals alumni

course stared 2008 yunus & macrae - how to repair big banks so that 2010s is youth jobs most exciting decade



our partners ; CatholicUni whiltst at Vatican Uni's Premio Sciacca - the idea for the happiest worldwide youth community emerged proposed by Young Franciscans, seconded by female chinese millennials and why not you? text usa 240 316 8157 to join up

our dream partners berkeley coders from blum and clinton uni linked to give directly fan clubs


welcome to the Unis originaly inspired by Yunus, Mandela, Obama and other Nobel Peace laureates together with links Clinton Global as helped millennials review. its strange that curricula of the replicable Nobel Peace laureates solutions are not yet on the net- we welcome correspondence- meanwhile here are some updating bookmarks we suggest going to first. Since 2012 extra inspirations:Paul Farmer, Jim Kim, Pope Francis, and first ladies and open technolgists empowering poor village women to build infrastructures wherever the industrial age failed to reach out to This is roughly what we understand needs to come first in celebrating curriculum of POP (Preferential Option Poorest) In an ideal world we would have already demonstrated the simplicity of the 5 billion person elearning satellite channel so that we could have been trusted by now so the sources at origin could edit this in every local context


Population statistics show that Youth's 3A's Asia Africa and Americas (South Central) are where millennials most need to be valued if sustainability and end poverty are to be productive goals of #2030now and #2015now

Unfortunately the segment of old and rich who make most money by extracting and externalising are leaving nothing sustainable for youth, These old rich lurk in all the NW territories which culturally ordered new world citizens mother tongues and faiths

 And doubling today's geopolitical  tragedies, these old rich typically lurk at the top of decision-making power on what used to make sense as democracy and legislature until mass television turned almost every politician into a partisan soundbite instead of a public servant


Across much of the worlds of South and East  1945-1970 saw a long overdue rush by nations' peoples to claim independence and so the development need to empower practices of community-grounded entrepreneurship. 

It is now possible to see that the deepest development thinking on sustainable public servant system design  came in the late 1960s out of South Americas particularly Peru and Columbia. This has been called Preferential Option Poor (POP) : see book In in the company of poor - Google Search- its dna appears to have been a modern rendering of what Saint Francis (Franciscan monks and Order of Clare Nuns) first started to network in 1208 out of Asisi.

Fortunately the Brazilian version of this public service trust creed was applied to teaching by Paulo Freire 

Moreover this (together with neighboring examples of Gandhi Montessori) inspired two Bangladeshi Muslim entrepreneurs of grassroots empowerment (trained out of Glasgow and Van Der Bilt at the time of black american liberation). The compass of their experimental lab for regenerating humanity was the bottom up independence of rural villages that had been excluded from every kind of infrastructure necessary for being productive in industrial age . Their networks which started in 1972 a year after that nation's independence evolved in under a decade around the greatest undervalued communal human resource the world has ever seen - te livelihoods of poorest village mothers. By 1978 Soros, who was later to be first investor in mobilising bangladesh 2,1 from 1996, started investing in South African Black youth - today all of that joyful convergence links in round The Mandela Extranet, Celebrating this among Nobel Peace Laureates was postponed in 2014 due to a riw between china and the Dalai Lama but can yet be staged out of Atlanta Nov 2015 as a pen-ultimate event in 2015 millennilas suatainabililty summit year (Climate being billed as the ultimate celebration Paris December 2015)


It seems that it took another decade before a practice professional started applying the scaling of PoP in the Americas. Paul Farmer may have been the most trusted youth entrepreneur ever- and is certainly health service partnering's most extraordinary agent. Originally from MA and FL his teenage enthusiasm started adopting Haiti as the most inspiring place to serve, and studying the anthropology of POP. From 1982-1987 he commuted between Haiti where he was developing a rural health lab and Harvard where he was taking his medical degree. On accomplishing this in 1987 he invited like minded youthful POP spirits to join him in Partners in Health. This is were JIm Kim joined up. The next 25 years of development of the global social value of Partners in Health is the most exciting case of public health service developed ever open sourced. Unlike such rushed post world war 2 cases as UK National Health Service, this service had to be built from nothing other than the love of medical networkers. There was never going to be a next generation in haiti or peru or rwanda capable of bailing out the debts of designing an unsustainable health service. So Paul's partners in health needed to build replicable and sustainable community microfranchises -what they call beyond aid to accompaniment of  the Poor

  25 years into scaling Partners in Health with epic service innovations like ending outbreaks of MultiDrug Resistant Tuberculosis and its fueling of HIV,  Jim Kim was asked to head the World Bank to see which other practice professionals and millennial alumni he could inspire with the POP model of sustainability and end structural poverty. A year later the second Pope in living memory to be inspired by POP, started his crusade to help youth and public servant leaders liberate the poor. The prior example being how Pope John Paul 2 had helped liberate his region especially Poland around 1979.

In 2014 Ebola appeared, and exponential risks of failing to value the basics of a healthy human species dawned all over the world  at the same time. Peoples started asking Kim and Farmer to accelerate investments in spreading community capacity through every scaleable empowerrnent channel that a digital world can now be celebrating whilst grounded in real local practice. 

2015 has been billed as the greatest year of summits celebrating sustainability millennials. If this is to move beyond dreams (and Public Relations) to empowered reality then we need to beam to people of the world simultaneous social action good news of the curricula of POP empowerment practice by practice -

and so celebrate its validations through empowering global social value of any professional practice worthy of youth's collaborative knowledge networking and  joyfully energised lifetimes

Help us list which world class practitioners of POP youth need to search out and link to 2015now


Health - the cases of Paul farmer from 1982-7

Health as a basis of pre-digital networking and "microcredit" to end poverty BRAC (and grameen)

Mobile technology to empower women to network missing infrastructures -investment, communications of life-saving knowhow, clea energy ... since 1996 currently mapped by women4empowerment

Public service's whole truths - those that translate into their own culture the POP demonstrations heroically mediated by Pope John Paul 2 and Pope Francis, and potentially Nobel Peace Laureates who youth ambassadorial summits Rome organises annually

which and where else?

240316 8157  

 queries welcome partners in publishing world record book of job creation

 collection of yunus speeches made at exciting moments-eg receiving Nobel prizeroad to atlanta nov 2015 10000 youth summit aka YunusOlympics  -the last summit on us soil of UN year of sustainability transfornation-  convergence of  luther king, yunus, carter, other nobel leaureate families, billion dollars of  un partnerships donated by turner cnn family, mayors twinning with atlanta  can the book on Being Nobel lead to eg a youth youtube competition on what to viralise from each pro-youth nobel laureate's social actions  a consortium of catholic universities led out of chile is searching for exactly the opposite on non-sustainable MBA cases of the sort that Pope Francis or his global social dialogues participants  (1 Jim Kim, 2 Muhammad Yunus, # Alternative  culture to European Union- )


Dear Friends, 
Yesterday I was nominated to received also this award from the Vatican for our progress with the Social Business School. I really don't know if I will get it or not, the fact is to be among the nominees, again last year from Sweden and now from the Vatican something is going on. I think we are making some noise.
"Caro Bernardo,
oggi è stata una giornata molto impegnativa e molto bella. 
Ti ho proposto per il premio economia premio che ti sarà consegnato a novembre a Roma, da una persona molto importante in el Vaticano. Chiaramente tutto sarà valutato da una commissione di esperti ma ho garantito per te su tutto voglio che tu sia il vincitore per l'economia. Altre cose te scrivo domani ora sono molto stanco sono in giro in riunioni dalle 8 di questa mattina notte
Yours as ever,, Bernardo Javalquinto, Economist; University of Maryland, AA, BSc, MBA, PhD Chairman-Founder Escuela de Negocios Sociales (ENS) / Social Business School (SBS) ; 
 search out Nelson Mandela Extranet- partners around it are developing job creating curricula aimed at adding million new jobs for youth in S Africa by 2020- as of 2015 we cant imagine any more fitting curriculum testimony to a laureate - tell us if you can Hopefully from 2017 Obama will tidy up all the research his governemnt comminsioned on eg open broadband but never turned into university curricula- a way he could accelerate that is by letting student themselves produce the value rankings of us universities which he has promised his adminstration will launch -meanwhile the movie of Obama's mother- her practical influences on womens world banking is worthy of celebration of friends of women empowerment The Journal oif socia busienss was launched by galsgow university with funds to mail ot to 3000 leaders of yunsu choice- you can download te furst issues here                















Bangladesh became the first 100 million plus developing coun 

Below a true and false test with answers to click to, and a thinkpad of what to do about answers that concern you, we welcome ideas for your social Intelligence Quiz

 True or False


Most wars were started by people over 30

Children and under 30s lose most from wars

In most countries where politicians use television, sustainability is not active priority of ruling politicians

Some Nobel peace laureates have knowledge millennials need which is never taught in schools

Countries where youth have most problems finding good jobs are also destroying natural sustainability

Anti-social crisis: History shows that new media is often exploited by low-trust forces before people of goodwill

Being a member of the millennial generation is the most exciting time to be alive

 Do some Nobel Laureates ( eg Mandela, Yunus, King) have knowhow that you would like to learn to action but which is not part of your country's schools and examination systems? If so choose a nobel laureate and start using twitter or facebook to see which of your friends share your interest

 Same question but

1 replace nobel laureates by leaders of global human rights or social organisation

2 then by superstars or mass media journalists

3 then by open learning networks such as khan academy or the 5 billion person elearning satellite yazmi



43 years ago keynsian end-poverty economists started debating what would happen in the years that open education reached a tipping point and value millennials jobs- is 2015 that year?…/emerging-mar…/Abed_Fazle_Web%20Copy.pdf http://yazmi.com

Below a true and false test with answers to click to, and a thinkpad of what to do about answers that concern you, we welcome ideas for your social Intelligence...
Once you have found 50 friends who agree the same interests as you
start approaching organisations like the nobel peace laureate summit or
or anyone whose organisation claims to value millennials , sustainability or peace.


We would love to know what answer you get.

If you get some active help we will try and find others who want to collaborate with you;

if you don't get any hlpl we will see if we can fond a journalist for humanity who could help you

worldclassbrands  journalistsforhumanity   universities that value millennials

.Youth Capitalism                                                                             2014-2015 curriculum of clinton global 1 2


  • 30 years of millennial goals debates
  • 40 year or millennial gen curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution
  • Economics of open learning netsand green energy as 10-win collab value multipliers of borderless planet;
  • trillion dollar audit of market systems transformation round happy purposes of human livelihoods of 99% of peoples
  •  Norman Macrae Founbdation welcomes questions/idas on this game - washington dc 301 881 1655


    timng matters- imagine what legacy of mandela curricula might have webbed the world jif club of rome's Nobel Peace summit

    with youth had been hosted in cape town Oct  2013 and warsaw Oct 2014 instead of other way round



     welcome to

    7 year report card OBAMA UNIVERSITY 


    Economics of Open Learning

    Readers of The Economist were invited to debate this startinbg in 1872. Below a summary from the write-up in dad and my book in 1984 . Urgent open learning youth economics diary of fall 2014 includes 1 open learning campus at world bank; how many more curriculum competition can partners of khan academy model from benchmark of competition for peer to peer training of health ; what content will yazmi choose for its elearning satellites over Africa and Asia






    Bangladesh became the first 100 million plus developing coun 

    our 1984 book celebrating sustainability of net generation suggested it would be necessary for

    BBC and other world service broadcasters to celebrate hunt for 30000 microfranchises aligning investment in youth's milennial goals 

    a microfranchise is the opposite of mcdoalds (quarterly extration) in that it is designed so that the people in the community who deliver the service retaiin all or most of the value ; with microfranchises valued truly- young professionals 25-35 in 2015 could be the most educated, connected and collaboartuve the human race as ever seen; way above zero-sum models could be celebrated round the dynamics of knowledge and digiral apps multiplying value in use unlike the industrial age's consuming up of things


    is khan academy's 60 minutes introduction to coding the most valuable training billions of youth have ever been offered? otherKhan links

    Who's mapping the most valuable collaboration youth networks in the world -here's why 42 years of entrepreneurial revolution surveys lead us to value orbiting around families of Abed and Soros and Turner- whose collaboration with youth's futures do you value most?



    • what would a million youth most wish to see in a 6 weeks mooc guided tour to -if you can help our research please email  washington dc 1 301 881 1655


    Tale of 2 Universities - Poverty and Stars- and First 20 Collaboration Cities of Beyond Capitalism - tokyo may 2014


     welcome correspondence if we can help youth and yunus connect these stories with actions


    I was mainly living in london until end of 2005; after 9/11 (my father's 1984 forecast that discrepancies in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations became seen as mans greatest problem was clearly true (well accept investing in bottom up solutions was not the response)


    I had become an open space addict - stories footnoted- at one london open space organised by the director phelim mcdermott (who went on to revive the gandhi opera satyagraha I heard from an underemployed artist that global reconciliation network was coming to london- this started my friendship with kim's compatriot paul komesaroff- the monash university professor of medicine (and mathematician) who founded GRN

    paul had developed a way of going to disaster areas- the question was after immediate relief could medics help with regeneration and any conflict reconciliation while they were the most trusted people; at the same time australian graduates have a habit of volunteering overseas - a post-gap year if you like - and sometimes their only chance to see the world- so paul was also a chief guide to where students could get internships - hope this sounds a bit like Global Leaderhip Project

    Back to the london conference it turned out that after 9/11 paul had picked up the phone and hadnt stopped ringing until 5 nobel peace laureates and many top down aid organisation had signed up for a reconciliation conference asking what could youth and the peoples in the middle of the conflict host that top run organisations could not

    Th next year paul hosted the event in delhi at the indira gandhi national centre; I met at least 500 gandhians; there was so much action learning due to be documented but then a week later the tsumami hit and most of the asian conference goers and paul got tied up with that

    anyhow 2 projects emerged around my fathers friends given that he had predicted that if the internet is designed as the smartest media 21st C will go well but if it is taken over by the tv advertising mindset we will end up being pied pipered into orwell's big brother world and the one einstein feared when he advised gandhi: 

    global poverty university and university of stars

    sunil's design agency in india made the slides for university of stars which I presented in delhi

    you may know in 1960 the best paid uk professional soccer player earned 150 dollars a week- today the figure is over 10000 times that -some inflation; now in 1960 sports stars were underpaid but today the value chain of superstars is tje most unbalanced of all

    the 2 initial ideas of university of stars- spot emerging superstars and mentor them in a bottom up cause

    get whole university classes to make a mutual contract - who ever became most famous would give back to bottom up climate solutions or whatever that university students elected as the number 1 millennium goals their knowhow could influence 

    back in 2004 pugwash was the japanese network I recall most associated with pauls network

    2005 was dubbed as make poverty history year in london; I was a volunteer director of a minor charity which was nonetheless authorised to delegate to all official discussions between ngos of MPH

    to my alarm all of these ngos only wanted to discuss fund raising not what bottom up solutions they could massively and collaboratively help youth network

    so thats why my father and I sought out bangladesh as perhaps the only 2000s development economics model of end poverty that wholly matched the entrepreneurial revolution curriculum father had staretdin The Economist in 1972

    so how does all of the above connect with what youth networks we aim to converge on atlanta or indeed anywhere that events linked to jim kim's 2030 noe design ?

    First I was reminded by this today when I met Mie Kazawa of Sport for Smile at your uni of tokyo event

    Second by another mail I will make a list of bottom-up superstars processes but note this is why a favorite tagline for atlanta is design youth jobs summits as a movement that unites youth capitals around what youth come to value more than the olympics - in kim's words the net generation's defining social movement

    Third Naila's UN friends womens4Empowerment W4E/F4D - videos 1  2  3 have the most scaling interventions in fashion superstar world

    Fourth monica yunus life project since 9/11 does university of stars in operatic world (and indeed the professional half of her liife is sometimes directed by phelim)

    Fifth Brookings CEO in DC partners with the Chinese NBA superstar Yao MIng

    -before comeing to tokyo i verified that his personal assistant is happy to take queries on that or on green energy the other network Brookings CEO is partbering with china

    Sixth of course its great that GLP - Japans leading movement of youth interning around the world emerged out of the medical school of University of Tokyo

    Seventh yunus is editing a series og impossible become possible youth invitations before atlanta- dhaka's youth connector mostofa zaman is doing  with him - the first is yunus free nursing college idea - which if it was partbered around the world would sustain 100 million girl power jobs and return healthcare to an affordable, accessible sector with smart mobile connectovity- at minimum we need any city connecting its youth with atlanta to make sure at lest one is interested in free nursing college and so corresponds with counterpart around the world before, during and after the conference

    Monica Yunus believes and I agree that her network's goal should be 2 million jobs in usa, corresponding to 100 million worldwide - but mot only are those youyth who dont quite make superstardom under-=employed, they can be the great cultural connectors out of every community- nations who want peace could invest in that and start reducing investment in arms

    One reason why japan exponentially grew between 1950 and 1970 is ways worth benchmarking - see the booklet consider japan - is you didnt have government spending 15% of all its people's lives on arms -this is something that didnt happen in the west before world 2 -its where usa became a military complex and all of this is just one more erason why as per my father's 1975 survey - we need to value 1975-2075 as asia pacific worldwide youth century ; unfortunately nuclear power and arms does lead to the same endgame as if governmebts had investend in photosynthesis research -nature;s own solution to planet and species sustainability


    Open Space invented by a former anglican priest -and Maryland neighbour of mine Harrison Owen - who started the 1980s as hosted of organisational transformation network; conference feedback at this summit was delegates preferered coffee break networking to the podium speeches; so in 1984 harrison surprised the delegates- no speakers you are all actors- make a market of what community regeneration solutions you want o discuss - as thousands you convene in huddles all actions will be noted so that all delegates have permission to recontact with meets they werent able to attend live - one or harrison's stories is a few years later he had lunch with an elite association of us universities- they listened aghast to harrison saying maybe open space is relevant to how professors interact with students too= and to this day open space has virtually been banned for universities though over a million events across thousands of capitals have been hosted at deep community/purspose levels

    we welcome idas on what open education curricula youth would most value at or


     Survey of why Mandela was most trusted leader in living memory

    Greatest leader in living memory 1
    help host one of these 5 youth/student competitions:

    5 bhuiyan and atlanta

    sylvia and king and Washington DC deadline for launching 30 january which kicks off dc term of inviting universities across 5 states to collaborate in entrepreneurial pitches with greatest societal impact for youth

    gandhi family in lucknow india -deadline when mostofa visit which is expected late january subject to bangladeshi visa crisis

    blecher circles out of

    1 wherever would have best impacts for understanding future of bangladeshi youth

    Of course if you can find a bigger sponsor, they can take over the competition however Norman Macrae Family Foundation would ask that

    the essay format should take less than 9 minutes for winners to transcribe on audio which they will be invited to do and open source as ponetial creative stimuli in open education formats

    An extremely rough sample essay that elders histories might want to improve on is attached

    essay competition on was mandela greatest leader in living memory - rough example launching 5 by 1000 doilar contests.doc essay competition on was mandela greatest leader in living memory - rough example launching 5 by 1000 doilar contests.doc, 30 KB



    Nelson Mandela - Education is the Greatest Weapon

     Happy 2014: In our 43rd year of journalizing the search for how digital networks change the value multiplying human capabilities of action learning, there are 2 kinds of Education Entreprenurial Revolution we value most as Open Education helps the net generation breakthrough the 20 anti-youth monopolies hung over from the pre-networked centuries

    1 Those whose inspiration and trust free peoples to invest more in youth's productivity -eg the Top 10 pro-youth Peace Nobel Laureates eg Mandela , Yunus, Carter, Gorbachev, Walesa, Tutu, De Klerk, Maathai ..  King

    2 Those who do - eg Blecher, Abed, Khan, Gandhi Family Lucknow, Media Lab and www founders @ MIT, Koller

    2.1 those who practice in specific areas and who team up in pro-youth partnerships with 2- so for example branson and google team up with Blecher., ...


    who do you recommend  we linkin millions of youth to on the road to atlanta nov 2015 -blogs 1 2 microwikis 1: valuation projects a) of universities, b) of curriculum at teens, pre-teens , post-teen

    rsvp Norman Macrae Foundation for open education and pro-youth economics washingttion dc1 301 881 1655

    To date, 4 Norman Nacrae Remembrance parties have been hosted and have helped start up these curriculum and alumni networks: 1 The Economist Boardroom calling for acceleration in clean enrgy curriculum and Norman's view that open education could revoutionise collaboration in developing world apps -see his last article Consider Bangladesh as first village labs network of mobile (yunus/soros) ; 2 celebratinf fre universities as the heart of  South Africa's million job creating capitals and microcredits founded by lovers of orphans; 3) by Japan embassy in Dhaka celebrating trades between Bangladeshi wizards of open technology, bottom-up ngos as the greatest partnering innovation of the net generation and the view that japan-China needs to organize a reserve currency before the dollar has the same impact on the 21st C as the pound had on the 20th century (read the book leaderless economy if you need to know more); 4) calling on adam smith scholars in Glasgow to start up microeducation summit to link in far wider action networks of milennium's most human goals than microcreditsummits taken over by bankers ever could

    What curricula could Khan Academy Labs celebrate 1) if linked in to Bangladesh micro-NGOS; 2 if linkedin to million jobs education networks in Mandela's South Africa; 3) if celebrating youth summits such as the Nobel Laureates in Poland 2013, S.AFrica 2014, Atlanta 2015 and at the World Bank annually


    Postcard editorial: Year 42 Quarter 1 from The Economist Youth Entrepreneurial Revolution - our friend taddy blecher (who kindly animated 2nd in series of norman macrae remembrance parties -1 The Economist Boardroom  1A joint souvenir publication with Dr Muhammad Yunus;  2 Taddy Blecher ; 3 Sir Fazle Abed and Japanese Ambassador;  4 Glasgow and Atlanta as Twin Youth Capitals -celebrating the joy of entrepreneurial revolution of youth capitalism and freeing the net generation's net 3 billion jobs) in south africa has shown me his latest project but said its for my eyes only for a few weeks; he's getting funds from south african government and partners like branson and google to guarantee 1 million youth jobs creation over next 5 years and training of 14 million teenagers on entrepreneurship; at the recent world bank youth summit the branson entrepreneurship curriculum was mentioned by a student speaker as the greatest life changer in his transformation from coding whiz to prolific startup partner with his peer generation across jamaica; taddy started the free university in 1999; he has always been skoll's most valued entrepreneur in total education systems well until skoll also featured khan academy last april at his world entrepreneur summits- tantalisingly close to useful connections if only we can find more capital cities (beyond Atlanta) where enough educators and leaders really want them for their youth

    MOOCYunus    blog


    Wiki25000Youth&YunusRoad to Atlanta

    City Montessori -worlds favorite school  and largest social business of education?(50000 )


    Free Nursing College

    Khan Academy


    Iveristy  Udacity and edX

    MIT links 5 4 3 2 1

    Blecher Free University

    Branson sub-curriculum of Blecher

    survey of value university

    volunteer collaboration editor welcoming your queries: washington dc hotline 1 301 881 1655  Norman Macrae Foundation for Youth Capitalism -contribute to search for youth's most massive future collaborators

    linkedi 9500 ;  twitter Obamauni -how do we truly help youth value universities and open education


    .This blog will invite as many of the youth connectors as we can to join in. To start with you can contact CEO of Yunus Creative Lab Muhammad Bhuiyan at or Chris Macrae ( ) of this blog and family leader of Foundation Norman Macrae,The Economist's pro-youth economist... The other sponsors of this launch celebration: WF,, SI,, JFF

    Related youth micro-wikis: Youth Agendas of the Nobel Laureates; Diary of 25000 youth on Road to Atlanta 2015; Heroes CNN values most deeply;


    5 December 2013 EDUCATION IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON WHEN 1 2 Consider South Africa from Gandhi to Mandela  
    1. IBNLive ‎- 55 minutes ago
    2. South Africa's beloved son Nelson Mandela will be remembered as much as an Indian leader and an inspirational figure in India. A man who ...
      Firstpost‎ - 34 minutes ago
    3. Why Nelson Mandela is called Mahatma Gandhi of South Africa ... › BollywoodMoneyFashionBolgsGadgets
      2 hours ago - There are striking similarities between Mahatma Gandhi and Mandela.

    Diary updates washington dc from oct 23 #wbgyouthsummit -join in future capitalism of worldwide youth job creators, the world bank’s deepest local links and you...


    Panelists and youth prize presenters include

    Jim Yong Kim, World Bank

    Hadeel Ibrahim executive director mo ibrahim

    Ahmad Alhendawi, UN Envoy for Youth

    Naila Chowdhury, W4E

    Melissa Hillebrenner, Director Girl Up, UN Foundation

    Youth summit winners include:

    Dwayne Samuels, Jamiaca, Founder Xormis

    Salem Kosemani, Nigeria, Team Techoisland

    Patrick Olden (St Andrews Scotland) 1 Better Finacial Products for Youth Entrepreneurs in West Africa


    Youth Summit 2013: Development Case Competition Winners



    The 2013 Youth Summit featured a Development Case Competition that received over 500 entries from young people all over the world. All submissions were evaluated by the 2013 Youth Summit organizing committee and a panel of eminent development professionals and case sponsors. This page lists the winners and the runners-up for each of the four cases of the 2013 Youth Summit Development Case Competition.


    Winning Teams & Abstracts

    Case Study A: Strengthening Micro-Entrepreneurship for Disadvantaged Youth

    Team Name: Empower

    Team Members: Alice Cassin, George Hart, Anoud Allouzi and Pauline LewisEmpower is a six-week, hands-on course in applied entrepreneurship that targets Moroccan youth who are interested in building or starting their own businesses. The program will be run in partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Youth and Sport, local community centers, and business leaders. Empower is particularly geared toward supporting young entrepreneurs working in the ICT field, as well as underrepresented groups in the Moroccan business community, such as women and the undereducated. Launched in Rabat, the pilot program will connect budding entrepreneurs with local business owners as they launch or strengthen their businesses. Through instructor-based and peer-to-peer teaching and ongoing coaching, the program will give young entrepreneurs the tools and support to build profitable businesses. By blending new and established ICT technology, Empower is able to deliver innovative and scalable training at very low cost, maximizing the value of program funding. In the classroom, students have access to cutting-edge entrepreneurship content from across the web, tailored to their local needs. Outside the classroom, in-person and SMS coaching provide valuable support to students in need of additional support and serves as a long-term resource for students even after their Empower experience ends.

    Case Study B: A Better Financial Product for Young Entrepreneurs’ Micro and Small Enterprises

    Winner: Patrick OldenThe proposed solution is a scheme where young entrepreneurs, directed by a non-profit organization (NPO) are grouped into a number of “micro-cooperatives” in the same market niche and supplied with materials and equipment. Profits generated by each cooperative are pooled and saved (audits are carried out to ensure that profits are reported correctly and novel approaches are taken to collecting the profits). Once the total savings amount to the cost of the initial startup capital for one cooperative, a new one is created in the same or a complementary niche. The technical skills are transmitted to the new entrepreneurs by one of the original cooperatives with soft skills and mentoring delivered by the NPO. Once an individual cooperative has contributed to the pooled savings, a total equal to the initial startup capital given to it, it no longer has any training obligations and assumes control of its profits. This scheme makes consumption smoothing impossible (as startup materials are purchased by the NPO), incentivizes the young entrepreneurs to work hard in pursuit of gaining access to their profits, and has an inbuilt expansionary mechanism in the creation of new cooperatives from the profits of the old. It also creates many links between the cooperatives (through auditing and skills transmission), thus promoting the cohesiveness necessary to fulfill sustainable and growth-promoting contracts with aggregators.

    Case Study C: Reverse Engineering, Youth Entrepreneurship Driving Education

    Team Name: TechnoIsland

    Team Members: Salem Kosemani and Ogunlola FolajimiThe project, BRAINSPARK, converts some of the large amount of time spent by youths on the internet to focusing on their primary education; improving the current state of primary education in Sub-Saharan Africa, furthermore improving their current educational level and inter-relationships between youths around the Sub-Saharan Africa region, by providing a cloud-based platform. BRAINSPARK provides tools to allow young people to communicate with each other; know their cultures, beliefs, tradition, economy, finance, education and other important things about their countries, hereby bringing about economic development, reduction in juvenile delinquencies in Sub-Saharan Africa. It rewards the brilliant efforts of the users and motivates others to join the race to attain more knowledge. The target audiences of this service are students within the range of 9–20 years, who have attained any form of education and can read. What makes this product innovative is the fact that it promises to make learning fun, allowing students to test each other’s weakness and strengths, using BRAINSPARK’s useful suggestions and advice.

    Case Study D: Millennial Communications for Inclusive City Planning

    Team Name: VozPisco

    Team Members: Adriana Young and Adam WhiteResilience is a communications asset. Cities can become more resilient when they provide intuitive and inclusive ways to directly engage citizen voices. In the aftermath of the 2007 earthquake, the City of Pisco continues to face challenges that include fragmented inter-district communications, shifting demographics and a troubled track record delivering urban development projects. The VozPisco project will address these conditions by creating a multi-media communication and feedback strategy to amplify citizen engagement and government transparency in the urban planning process. VozPisco will offer three distinct civic communication components: (1) an SMS survey and engagement platform that will be free and accessible for any basic mobile phone; (2) a weekly radio program hosted by community and youth leaders to share results from SMS surveys, interview government officials and private developers, and disseminate information on disaster preparedness; and (3) a public event series that will feature the projection of citizen SMS comments onto surrounding buildings to spark discussion and increase visibility of public feedback. VozPisco combines best practices in appropriate mobile technology and community building, offering a hybrid communication system with built-in accountability and feedback loops. Rather than proposing a discrete outreach project, VozPisco is a lightweight layer to amplify and innovate on existing efforts by government and civil society actors. To reach target demographic groups – including community advocates, local businesses and youth leaders – VozPisco will identify a representative leadership group to advise on outreach strategies, lead radio programming and overall, ensure that programming matches the needs and interests of local communities.


    Runners-Up Teams

    Case Study A: Strengthening Micro-Entrepreneurship for Disadvantaged Youth

    Team Name: CIMF

    Team Members: Thomas Larson and Maria Parra

    Case Study B: A Better Financial Product for Young Entrepreneurs’ Micro and Small Enterprises

    Team Name: SoliDARE

    Team Members: Claire Morel and Tana Vong

    Case Study C: Reverse Engineering, Youth Entrepreneurship Driving Education

    Team Name: Lacel Innovators

    Team Members: Marvin Busuulwa, Edgar Atukunda, Martin Katamba, Ibrahim Ssekabembe and William Luyinda

    Case Study D: Millennial Communications for Inclusive City Planning

    Team Name: Somos Pisco

    Team Members: Kamil Pruchnik, Aleksandra Iwulska and Anita Rozowska

    Permanent URL for this page:

    Today, young people are three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and over 75 million youth globally are currently looking for work. The International Labour Organisation warns of a “scarred” generation of young workers facing a dangerous mix of high unemployment, increased inactivity and precarious work in developed countries, as well as high working poverty in the development world. Consequently, the youth agenda is a global priority.

    Inspired by World Bank President Jim Kim’s belief that youth play a crucial role in the global development agenda, the global Youth Summit (YS) was initiated by the Bank’s young professionals to enable youth around the world and address youth-related challenges.

    .Discuss Open Education's Greatest Collaboration Entrepreneurs.. .






    Do you have an idea for massively empowering youth to action network the legacy of Nelson Mandela? Here's NMFound first correspondence on this with some of this aiming to make Atlanta 2015 youth celebrations the greatest since the Olympics. We'll rehearse this view at the 4th Norman Macrae Remembrance party that coincidentally is happening out of Glasgow's Adam Smith networks 6 December 2013 but  most of all we welcome your ideas

    chris macrae Norman Macrae Foundation  for Youth Capitalism  and Open Education Bethesda MD 301 881 1655


    Dear Atlanta Friends of Twinning Capitals of Million Job Creation through World Summits and Nobel Laureates Youth Action Networks (YS Atlanta; YS DC



    Norman Macrae Foundation would be interested but only if this could be grounded in a non-cheesy way that empowers youth. Elements might include


    *set up an internet portal inviting student transcripts or videos of maximum 9 minute length - winners to be announced at world summit 2014 which could also announce competition of other leaders including martin Luther king between 2014 and 2015; at some stage either khan academy and Atlanta partner in this or Atlanta home pages it with other partners (eg Scottish Adam Smith alumni -history shows we became both one of the first Diaspora nations and our missionary movements contributed to sustaining bottom-up aid models)


    *this competition can viralise among youth in ways that no other announcement of Atlanta by itself can (in my opinion)

    ; it can twin deeply with the mentor and investment networks needed for the youth entrepreneur competition

    *my father believed that economics of nations let alone Entrepreneurial Revolution deepest bottom-up and cross-cultural energies- doesn't wholly exist without valuing leaders who reconciled peace and cultures- we could help reframe the fusion of peace and economics; the new book leaderless economics is relevant here as is all true analysis of Eastern miraculous development from Japan to China via Bangladesh and Yunus Youth World Trade Genre of Growing up with Giants


    *others who might be interested include Branson whose Mandela Elders would have started up without Bransons relationships with Atlanta and particularly the womens energies of Sarah Blakely


    Soros whose first act of philanthropy and open society was cape town black youth late 1970s


    The Nobel peace prizes to Obama and to EU cant be as impactful in 2010s as they could be unless youth are celebrated for action networking them; the practical valuation of the arts by Monica and its theoretical valuation by Keynes are ideas whose time needs to come if future of USA is to regenerate communities and understand cross-cultural peace. If DC and Atlanta are to maximise win-win youth impacts, this aint going to happen without celebrating African Diaspora groups every way youth can 


    Yunus and his relationships with HBUs which go back to his Fulbright scholarship being the first year of integration of universities, and his first job as professor with the HBU of Middle Tennessee - These 4 bookmarks are very interesting - I didn't know middle tennessee had relationships with 2 living nobel laureates

    1. Yunus Program - Middle Tennessee State University | Middle ...

    2. 24 Jul 2013 - The Yunus Program has been created to inspire students, faculty members, administrators, and alumni, as well as leaders in the mid-south ...
      1. Nobel Laureates - Middle Tennessee State University

      Muhammad Yunus shared the 2006 Noble Peace Prize with the Grameen ... In the mid 1960s he entered the Ph.D. program at Vanderbilt University, Nashville.
      1. Muhammad Yunus

      Professor Muhammad Yunus established the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh in ... an assistant professor of economics at Middle Tennessee State University.
      1. Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus visits Quinnipiac ...

      8 Mar 2013 - Muhammad Yunus, who founded the practice of microcredit as a means to ... became an assistant professor of economics at Middle Tennessee ...


    Of course relationships between Georgia and Tennessee are critical if the next 2 years are to tap into Skoll's energy crusader Al Gore and the fact that Yunus number 1 corporate partner in green energy Schneider has a huge research facility- yunus' knowledge of energy came first from Neville Williams whose life popularizing solar would never have happened without Jimmy Carter







    Learning with the best value universities in the world



    I am looking to forward to reading this book (publication 1 Oct 2013) and ebook  more than anything since my father's last articles in 2008… Norman Macrae Foundation Washington DC hotline 1 301 881 1655

    Americans face $1.2 trillion student debt rising around 10% a year- is obama's idea case of too little too late? 

    Entrepreneurial Revolutionaries ask why wouldn't you make priority curricula goals free?

    co-signed by  CCDC Chapter of Conscious Capitalism (exercise 1 read download mackeycapitalismtranscript2000citizenmeetsanfran2013.doc mackeycapitalismtranscript2000citizenmeetsanfran2013.doc, and then send us in a 5 minute video or transcript on what you most urgently want to action with CC),

    • DC Entrepreneur competitions inspired by Muhammad Yunus,
    • researchers of top 10 curricula that youth want to celebrate at khanacademy,
    • well-wishers of Bezos-in-DC 
    • editors of and tweeters of ObamaUni




    Invitation to leaders of open education and society-help search out 9 minute OLAS from The Economist's 42 year pro-youth economic curriculum of net generation's Entrepreneurial Revolution


    help design 11 plus curriculum of pro-youth futures

    Norman Macrae Youth Economics Foundation Washington dc hotline 1-301 881 1655




    How MOOCs change world - a greatest 11 minute lesson I've ever seen; a 4 minute collaboration call

    MOOCwho; if you could help millions of youth to mooc for 9 minutes with a job creating collaboration entrepreneur-who'd you choose- Sir Fazle Abed? George Soros? Jack Ma? Open mIT?  Taddy Blecher ??

    hot fall013 Open Education's Next 100 Million Jobs

    help progress The Economist's 40 year search for pro-youth curricula : energy & food security; health & nursing; financial services: mass media remixed; education; pros and ecos; Org Design for collab entrepreneurial revolution
    Plus Ca Change.. what were The Economist's 7 Entrepreneurial Revolution wonders of 1972 have become the 7 most desperately sought open curriculum of 2013 - join in next at Soros-INETe partner of coursera: money curriculum 1 sept 2013, or rsvp if you have a MOOC nomination to swarm one million youth to


    welcome to the worldwide youth's most valuable question -  exercise 1

    Welcome to a collaboration university project of Norman Macrae Foundation (The Economist's Pro-Youth Economist) and
    -5801 nicholson lane #404 Rockville MD 20852 DC hotline 301 881 1655

    what Moocs could youth create most value and jobs with? some ideas from and youth1000education blog:


    Saving the world

    Youth and Economists' last 6 chances



    Massive Open Online Education


    Cashless Banking


    Mobilising Nurses as number 1 grasstoots inforatio networkers of 21st C


    Reforming professionals win-win-win modellers across borderless planet


    Locally abundant clean energy, water and nutrition


    Mediating youth's greatest heroes to celebrate youth serving peace and community

    2013 is second year that Yunus has been hosting pan-state jobs competitions through which students present ideas and winners are supported by all of a state's public universities- an updating mooc on youth most productive ideas is urgently needed- hopefully it could be launched before yunus congress gold medal 17 april  - resource webs

    the most interesting job regeneration program we have come across from first 5 years of obama is the 4 billion dollar program giving every state the opportunity to develop one collaborative community broadband program - a mooc guided tour of collaboration lessons from this program is urgently needed South Africa has made the greatest leaps of all in replacing secondary education wherever young people would be better served by small business apprenticeships- small busienss are the lifeblood of s africa and where one takes a teenager on with a caring apprenticeship it gets supported by free business web site from google africa and all the positive connections with Mandela/Branson elders and the free university systems designed round - These extraoridnary advances in creating jobs and youth entrepreneurs are more than worthy of one of the world's most popular moocs - well hmm - given that the orginal funding for Clinton Global came from Scot Tom Hunter, Scotland expects Clinton to turn all his big summits into something much more mooc grounded in what youth could be collaboratively networking around- get to it Bill and Hilary please

    happy job creating 2013









































     DC Youth Report of Happy 2013 to Dr Yunus........................................................................................................................................................................................ -help file reports from other cities

    For me this is the most chalenging research project of 2012 . Is there a collaboration entrepreneur energy out of DC seking to link in with the movement around youth and yunus that hundreds of historically black universities across the states are collaboratively planting as a process aimed at emerging the Yunus Poverty Museum University- probably 80% virtual but with physical hubs in America's poorest counties . Deadline: handing yunus dc report 18 Jan 2013 Alabama

    What is certain from 6 years of visiting dhaka is that 2013 will be one of Bangladesh's most difficult years with top-down elections between leaders who are jealous of all bottom up civil society movements most especially Yunus. Thus Yunus is even more joyfully determined to co-brand his worldwide reputation for celebrating pro-youth's grearest innovations with specific benchmark exanples that students are leading. Tokyo is doing this with a 12000 live student competition on 30 January. Clearly that sort of celebration of youth and yunus is beyond the wherewithal of DC region to arrange in 2013 but can we do anything?

    What would help is if students themselves bid in what they would like to see in this league table over the holidays period. I am happy to receive any sort of mails at and will myself widely post this chalenge as to whether dc aims to be a pro-yputh future capital

    Here are a few ideas that I have come across most so far - and would like to know find out whether these match active hot foci or not as youth around you experience the most exciting decade in human history. As clinate watcher say we are the first generation to discover the climate crisis and the last who will be able to do anything about it, Items below are listed in no particular order

    1 Orphanages as job creating hubs - this is a way in to both bottom up education, community regeneration and microcredit given that africa's -and according to queen sofia the southern hemisphere's - number 1 microcredit jamii bora emerged from an informal orphanage. I believe many DC embassies would be happy to join in getting help in developing this idea -and this would be one way to unite countries around the world who still trust USA to help their children. The second Obama USAID is foucusing on education in many places but mapping how orphan-hubs cabn interconnct provides a bottom-up way that youth can help ground - and contrast with the ideas of USAID's big partners who still start with top-down mindsets as my reports of usaid myanmar launch last week show

    2 Every way that we can partner in celebrating apprenticeship that turn girls into nurses as the number 1 mobilsed information networker acrosss the world's villages, as well as heroic practice leader of basic health. This is Yunus favorite idea from being the first to test mobile in the village back in 1996. Basically he is lkely to prioritise helping any statewide education system that helps him on this

    3 Green energy in every way it can regenerate community economies and integrate a worldwide map that comes together to replace the whole carbon energy and waste chain. Grameen's biggest moores law success at the moment is installing solar. Last week Yunus sent out official celebration of million soar units installed; a total he can double every 2 years now that 1) over a decade of work in building grassroots networks has been sustained and 2 the price of solar panels is becoming 2 times cheaper every 2 years. Moreover last week at Brookings the Chinese host of Beijing's Climate Policy thinktank confirmed that china's top party officials now see celebrating bottom-up green energy networks as extremely timely. China aims to be a green economy leader whether or not the west joins in

    4 Funding youth's best ideas and converging educators expertise around winning entries. Economically, this is why yunus goes from state to state - four so far - entrepreneurially celebrating youth social business competitions

    5 Linking together an open everything tech network beginning with interconnection of student and mentor networks of open sorce everything. One of MIT students most exciting open source pushes this year is Open Infra Red-extreemly important for bottom-up disater prevention and compatible with skoll and brilliant's ILAB . A distinction of yunus student competitions is that they link in students with the deepet permissions to communities in crisis and thus bottom-up interventions in compound risk. So Yunus competitions wants to partner winners from well resourced competitions where student are co-creating open source applications with the million times more collaboration tech than any previous generation. MIT prize networks are USA's leading animator of this which is one reason why i have started communting up and down between DC and Boston

    6 How can dc as a capital with more responsibility than most places hub/brand/value collaboration towards a post 2015 goals summit that converges the designs of media, technology, education and credit. In particular what gamechangers can we entreprenurially clarify now:

    • Obama's idea of liberating crowfunding a way to enable youth to come up with a portal that ranks all the most exciting startups that youth searches and internships can linkin from around the world.
    • Are massive open online curriculum a gamechanger than can make university education 10 times more economical and actionable for some segents of students. If they are not, will we ever regain the smasrtest uses of the internet Tim Berners Lee and Negrpronte have been linking in out of MIt for nearly 2 decades
    • Which countries will get regulations of cashless banking right we can model what happens to economies when theyhave at least one pro-youth currency. Can we also help Aflatoun's wish to linkin to this as it udpates its youth finacial literacy curricula in over 90 countries

    7 Across the US how can we connect all the food security and nutrition, aquaponics and biowaste startups youth have been pitching as the most popular trading theme across all states linking in yunus competitions. Interestingly youth see Massive redesign of missing secondary curricula as an economic way forward see eg emerging MIT secondary curriculum on microeconomics of biogas and ending local waste


    Happy 94h birthday mandela! bravo for living the vision of making the whole of south africa happy. rsvp if you have a nomination for other top 9 leaders worth celebrating

    News: Mandela is 94, 12 million children sing to celebrate

    The Associated Press
      Agenzia Giornalistica Italia‎ - 1 hour ago
      (AGI) Johannesburg - Mandela turns 94 today; 28 years he spent in prison. At 8 am all the students in South African schools sang to celebrate ...



  • - friends of daughters and sons of microcredit, and bangladesh at 41 (history check- Obama's mother was a pioneer of sustainable microcredit in Indonesia at about the same time that the 1983 Bangladesh Law inaugurating Grameen Bank was celebrated - more recently Kenya has pioneered the 100 times more economic banking process which mobilises cashless banking - see innovations MIT Q4 2012 special issue celebrating Financial Inclusion)
  • out of S Africa partners eg google africa, kiva, branson, mandela and peers of free university linkin through resources journalised   and job creating education through grades 1 to 18
  • Glasgow, Saint James, Paris, Dhaka/Mumbai, Cambridges 1 2, Tokyo - Know ye? why these are History's main capitals of pro-youth economics / entrepreneurial revolution since 1758. From over 20 interviews of Yunus and his 2 main goals poverty museum, unemployment museum requiring social business stockmarket in any capital with a future - we maintain a league table of top 50 pro-youth projects and try to clarify who's taking lead collaboration partnership responsibility with yunus in each project. Currently his favorite us oroject may be a YunusUni knowledge centre in the pooerst county of USA that is located deep in the state of alabama.
  • - clinton university has started a competition between 7 regions of us youth on how each would mentor youth on the purpose of economics - we'd love to hear from anyone connecting that
  • NEWS from 170th year of the weekly newspaper founded to end empire economics through mediating the social action goals of end hunger and end capital abuse of youth



    back in 1984 The Economist mapped why and how youth would need to lead media to change economics from 2005- the race to end poverty would depend on their networking search of 30000 community owned franchises serving life's most critical needs; formerly known as university of poverty a friendly takevover converged in 2008 around the 4 YES YOUTH CAN universties of MANDELAuni, OBAMAuni, CLINTONuni, and YunuSuni

    Can you help co-host 4th Unacknowledge Giant youth economics remembrance party ollowing first 3 Norman Macrae remembrance parties on this need,

    • Party 1 hosted The Economist Boardroom - celebration of Bangladesh at 40- Norman's last 3 articles celebrated Bnagaldesh pro-youth economics as antidote to any nation in 2010s that fails to invest in youth jobs and community regeneration integrating global village ecolgies of food, water and energy which norman nicknamed grameengreen to remind the world of the 2 greatest 20th C contributors to community economics schumacher and yunus
    • Party2 celebrated Taddy Blechers mobilisation of all Mandela partners around free teriary education for any youth who is dedicated to job creation starting with poorest youth who have deepest connections with underemployed. P
    • arty 3 celebrated the blending of Bangladesh civil and youth society at 41 with Norman's favorite all time economics model -what the world could elarn from the way Japan astrated up Asian Pacific worldwide youth century with its contributions to borderless win-win-win economics between 1950-1975

    Breaking USA NEWS  Taking Yunus inspired job creation good news across USA and worldwide in jouramlsied by friends at can you help us extend the markets of youth job creation on linkedin and through other viral networks hotspots (eg twitter ushahidi) to empower youth. Breaking News we assume 28 september 2012 is last best chance DC ever has to celebrate mobilising youth and yunus economics connections.

    dc will be student entrepreneur competition #13 LINKIN september 28, 2012 -Can DC students present yunus 20 most exicting youth projects he and university leaders has ever seen youth mediate?Started by Chris Macrae: whose net can grow world economy more 5000 bankers or 5000 youth-tech wizards- book 1984 futurizes questions & 3M goals Lets have a dream that youth can do this,  if it does move something inside the beltway, lets make sure that all people who believe in actioning millennium goals unite round student competitions' networks;  washington dc hotline 1 301 881 1655

    Other lead projects of Norman Macrae Family Foundation include Journal of Pro-youth economics - All world citizen practice editors welcome - the younger the better


    world's biggest maths error - last chance to resolve

    valuing investment in net generation

    50 most exciting projects in 50 years of interviewing leaders

    can we make education, the net generation's first 10 times more productive markets

    co-creating 3 billion brilliant jobs 

    Justice for young people - end austerity - Hollande 6 May 2012 (NB Hollande voted in by under 35's -Europe's Yes Youth Can leader)

    Krugman (p18 :End Depression Now)  

    if this is a terrible time to be young in america with 17% unemployment among the under twenty-five, its a nightmare in italy where the youth unemployment is 28%, in ireland where its 30 per cent, spain where it is 43% (with all of these end-of-2011 numbers  apparently on the rise). Europe has an awkward combination of unity and disunity -the adoption by most nations of a common currency without having created the kind of political and economic union that such a common currency demands - has become a gigantic source of weakness and renewed crisis. In Europe, as in America the places that had the biggest bubbles before the crisis have the biggest slumps now - think of spain as being europe's florida, ireland as europe's nevada. But the Florida legislature doesn't have to worry about coming up with the funds to pay for medicare and social security, which are paid for by the federal government; Spain is on its own as are Greece, Portugal, and Ireland. So in Europe the depressed economy has caused fiscal crises in which private investors are no longer willing to lend to a number of countries. And the response to these fiscal crises - frantic, savage attempts to slash spending - is increasing unemployment all round Europe's periphery to Great Depression levels.


    Net Generation Economics : Unacknowledged Giant .worThumbnail

    video:Macrae Remembrance Party - The Economist Boardroom November 2010, Saint James, London

    ObamaUni twitter : chicago weekend may 2012

    // Yunus Leaders Ning; 2000 bookclub ; youth space; City Ning

    //Mandela - leading the most valuable job-creating univesities of C21

    //Clinton :  2012 12 May CGI Uni starts student competition - for more on subject area click to; May 6   Dhaka Hilary Clinton meets Yunus ... download special issue of adam smith scholar edited journal - celebrating 15h year of microcreditsummit that Clinton helped inaugurate in 1997 so that worldwide could celebrate investing in youth co-producing millennium goals

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    Norman Macrae: I was mentored by Keynes that the unique purpose of economics is : designing what future consequences the human race values compounding. With the net generation being the first to design systems whose scale competes globally with nature I trust that economists will take a hippocratic oath regarding the exponential risks and opportunities they adise leaders on noting the extreme costs our children will pay unless multi-win system designs are sustained with the milion times more collaboration tech than that man used to land on moon

    our history - 2008 in light of appalling mistakes being spun by macroeconomists-through greed, fatal conceit, or plain forgetfulness that while economics can serve to mediate bi-partisan approaches to a peoples development its gaming by rival political/cultural parties can only end in depression - Norman Macrae Foundation -The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant & founder since 1976 of the family tree of entrepenurial revolution (over 100 sub-networks)- adopted the project of converging 4 virtual universities inspired by millennium goal social action networks of mandela, yunus, obama and clinton. Previously norman macrae's 1984 scenario of what to change so that the net generation could celebrate the most productive time on earth had recommended uniting human race around bottom up and collaboratuve system designs celebrating the end of poverty- this relates to the earlier microeconomics vision of schumpeter and schumacher that the 21st century would need to empower sustainability of 2 million global villages; knowledge networking era is defined by design of above zero-sum models -precepts first contributed mathematically by von neumann ( biography by norman ) and einstein (particular in his work as team member with Gandhi  (whom Norman's father-in-law worked with for 25 years) and Montessori). As Scottish economists know: from the beginning (1758 of entrepreneurial economics) adam smith had warned in his earliest checklists of economical principles - never ever let there be a monopoly of certifying who has graduated. So we have been searching what could the practitioner curricula of a University of Poverty look like since our earliest blogs in 2000); mail if you are fan of the above ideas tell us where we can join in a ning or wiki or other way to start mapping what youth could be practicising before they graduate - a connected project of norman macrae foundation can be found at  - we wholly support the recommendation of muhammad yunus that solutions to ending unemployment in the developed world and solutions to end poverty in the developing world are two sides of the same coin -one that cashless banking and other great apps of this decade's value multiplying games of empowering youth to productively interact round optimism of million times more collaboration tech than when the 60s generation converged on landing on moon

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    Centres of Entrepreneurial Revolution est. 1976
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    ERCP1 universities that value students lifetime productivity

    krugman -the last us economist standing to care about the future of american workers -and youth everywhere - fights a lonely battle as economists have lost the common touch that keynes and adam smith brought to the futures people could vave enjoyed- how is it that the 21st century is being so dismally spun just when we the peoples could have been collaborating around million times more productive technology

    Ethan Pollack summarized a book talk given by New York Times columnist Paul Krugman at EPI’s offices on Wednesday. Pollack’s post contained full video from the event.

    In discussing his new book Paul Krugman has recently been mentioning a very interesting regression coefficient:apparently for every !% that a european nation cuts off its debt to GDP ration, the nation's economy shrinks 1.3 per cent - showing how absurd austerity programs are when a continent is depressed.

    But this confirmation of part of keynes and some lovely quotes from what 20th century economists once knew how to end depression (wave upon wave across the atlantic see below) - show that even krugman only understands a minor part of the crisis - the very calculations and system designs (eg who prints currency and who runs cashless banking) of economics itself needed to be changed if we were to celebrate huge increases in youth productivity due to million times more collaboration tech afforded by knowledge networking age where multi-win modelsneed to replace zero-sum ones and externalisation at boundaries is the worst system failing of all given connectivity is making this the first borderless generation , and economics needed to be designed around families and comunities investment in their next generation's productivity.

    There is also a kind of innocence in Krugman's assumption that we are heading for decades of decline because good economic principles have been fogotten -our scenario is we have entered a war between badwill and goodwill networks where orwellian big brothers know exatly how to introduce the next speculative collapse so that most peoples in main street lose while a few superpower over we-the-peoples spinning compound risks whose timing meltdowns they alone control.

    Also Krugman's wistful role on what good government policies could be reinstated to boost job creation miss the point of 1976 Entrepreneurial Revolution that none of 20th c organisation typologies are sustainable for century 21- partner hybrid models that are needed require a new language -and worldwide access to value chain maps) in which most top-dow gov will be revealed as uneconomic while impact of bottom-up big society networks can hold out public services renaissance
    1mobamauniobamauni@obamauni French friends choose who'll turn german/american economists/politicians spinning depression century - & thank krugman
    21mjohncaswelljohncaswell@johncaswell Why am I so over the narrative of Politics? Listening to the utter and predictable clap trap sounds so irrelevant - I loathe Ed Millichip



    Krugmans Bon Mots ##1 p21-23 we live in the shadow of economic catastrophe.. we have suddenly become poorer yet neither our resources nor our knowledge have been impaired seems as if our possibilities of wealth may run to waste for a long time. How can this be happening? The central message of Keynes work on depressions is this doesn't need to be happening. Keynes used the metaphor that depression economies suffer from magneto trouble - an old fashioned term for problem's with a car's electrical system. A more modern analogy might be a software crash.

    Either way the point is the problem isnt with the economic engine that is as powerful as ever. Instead we are talking about a technical problem of organisation and coordination - a colossal muddle as Keynes put it. Solve the technical problem and the economy will roar back to life.

    Many people find this message fundamentally implausible, even offensive. Mass unemployment must be the result of something deeper than a fine old muddle. That's why Keynes used his magneto analogy. We all know that sometimes a $100 battery is all it takes to get a stalled $30000 car back on the road.

    Keynes hoped to convince people that a similar disproportion between cause and effect can apply to depressions. However psychologically powerful people who believe themselves well informed (ed- even fatally conceited in Hayek's jargon) find it hard to attribute such devastation to a relatively minor malfunction. There may also be a strong desire to see economics as a morality play in which hard times are the punishment for previous excesses." In 2010. my wife and I had the opportunity to hear a speech on economic policy by Wolfgang Schauble, the German finance minster: midway through she leaned over and whispered: "as we leave the room we will be given whips to scourge ourselves". People like Schauble love to sound sagacious by declaring that our problems have deep roots and no easy solutions, and that we will all have to adjust to a more austere outlook. They sound wise and realistic even though they are utterly wrong.

    Questioning the bon-bon
    starting obamauni in 08 we hoped to track how yes can nets change austerity economists, now our goal training all obamas men need to attend

    1 While warmly applauding krugman-keysian current situational analysis- an extra muddle can be framed by asking which of these 3 regions would you choose as more economical for you children and future worldwide generations to thrive in - IF it is the case that for half a century the 3 different regions' main trading power has spent 25% of its peoples money so differently- NB a compound investment of 25% over 50 years implies a social-valuation direction that could be 70000 (1.25**50) different to cross-culturally live productively in:

    >>> a region where lead nation, compared with keynes time, has a government spending an additional 25% of all of its peoples earnings on arms and advertising scary messages

    >>>a region which is spending much of 25% on a bureaucracy that tries to avoid integrating the cultures of its many nations particularly its strongest two - one of which is very puritan about the bureaucrats' rules and the other of which selectively breaks the rules blithely proclaiming that such were too difficult for anyone to action

    >>>a region where the lead nation wastes none of 25% on any of above

    While dad as only journalist at Messina in 1956 had originally backed the 4 wise founders of the EU in the concept of making core sector markets so interconnected in trade that going to war again would be like shooting yourself in the foot, 6 years later this brave group were being replaced by the burgeoning bureaucracy which is why considering japan's economic miracle was such a relief in 1962 and by 1975 made it economically obvious that 1976-2075 would gravitate around asian pacific century

    further references on fine old muddles : 1996 oxford union debating script; surveys at The Economist: 1988 valedictory survey; 1975-77 asian pacific century, and miracle of 2 billion people becoming newly productive; 1976 entrepreneurial revolution, 1975 america's third century, 1969 neurotic trillionaire; 1972 fine old muddle which will cause collapse of global financial system in 2010s if left to compound viciously over next 40 years


    Krugmans Bon Mots #

    #1 p21-23 we live in the shadow of economic catastrophe.. we have suddenly become poorer yet neither our resources nor our knowledge have been impaired seems as if our possibilities of wealth may run to waste for a long time. How can this be happening? The central message of Keynes work on depressions is this doesn't need to be happening. Keynes used the metaphor that depression economies suffer from magneto trouble - an old fashioned term for problem's with a car's electrical system. A more modern analogy might be a software crash.

    Either the way the point is the problem isnt with the economic engine that is as powerful as ever. Instead we are talking about a technical problem of organisation and coordination - a colossal muddle as Keynes put it. Solve the technical problem and the economy will roar back to life.

    Many people find this message fundamentally implausible, even offensive. Mass unemployment must be the result of something deeper than a fine old muddle. Thats why Keynes used his magneto analogy. We all know that sometimes a $100 battery is all it takes to get a stalled $30000 car back on the road.

    Keynes hoped to convince people that a similar disproportion between cause and effect can apply to depressions. However psychologically people whe believe themselves well informed (ed- even fatally conecited in Hayek's jargon) find it hard to atribute such devastation to a relatively minor malfunction. There may also be a strong desire to see economics as a morality play in which hard times are the punishment for previous excesses." In 2010. my wife and I had the opportunity to hear a speech on economic policy by Wolfgang Schauble, the Greman finance minster: midway through she leaned over and whspered: "as we leave the room we will be given whips to scourge ourselves". People like Shauble love to sound sagacious by declaring that our problems have deep roots and no easy soutions, and that we will all have to adjust to a more austere outlook. They sound wise and realistic even though they are utterly wrong.

    Questioning the bon-bon

    1 While completely ageeing with kruganm-keysian current situational analysis- an extra muddle can be framed by asking which of these 3 regions would you choose as more economical for you children and future worldwide generations to thrive in - IF it is the case that for half a century the 3 diffeentt regions' main trading power has spent 25% of its peoples money so differently- NB a compound investment of 25% over 50 years implies a social-valuation direction that could be 70000 (1.25**50) different to produce in

    a region where lead nation, compared with keynes time, has a government spending an additional 25% of all of its peoples earnings on arms and advertising scary messages

    a region which is spending much of 25% on a bureaucracy that tries to avoid integrating the cultures of its many nations particularly its strongest two - one of which is very puritan about the bureaucrats' rules and the other of which selectively breaks the rules blithely proclaiming that such were too difficult for anyone to action

    a region where the lead nation wastes none of 25% on any of above

    while dad as only journalist at messina in 1956 had originally backed the 4 wise founders of the eu in the concept of making core euro markets so interconnected in trade that going to war again would be like shooting yourself in the foot; 6 years later this brave group were being replaced by the burgeoning bureaucracy which is why cosidering japan's economic miracle was such a relief in 1962 and by 1975 made it economically obvious that 1976-2075 would gravitate around asian pacific century

    further references on fine old muddles : 1996 oxford union debating script; surveys at The Economist: 1988 valedictory survey; 1975-77 asian pacific century and miracle of 2 billion people becoming newly productive; 1976 entreprejeurial revolution and neurotic trillionnaire; 1972 the fine old muddle which will cause collapse of global fincial system in 2010s if left to compound viciously over next 40 years




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    1mobamauniobamauni@obamauni bon mots hillary zero sum thinking leads to negative sum results
    1hHCL TechnologiesHCL Technologies@hcltech Press Release: #HCLT listed for the fourth consecutive year in the @WorldBlu's "Most Democratic Workplaces" list. Retweeted by Traci Fenton
    49mAl RobertsonAl Robertson@al_robertson About last night's British Council @time_image film collection launch, with three of my favourite BC films! #WhoWereWe Retweeted by Lloyd Davis



    DO YOU KNOW...
    Q: Original Purpose of Economics? A The Scotland of the 1750s was at the end of a first generation to have found their country taken over by England's Empire., So Adam Smith was motivated to start writing about how to design systems so that peoples could could look forward to their next generation sustaining more productive lives than they had had ... 7 quarters later keynes general theory issued humanity's greatest challenge- economics as a systems science had reached the state that only economics rules the world ... moreQ: What do the man-made systems that rule the world look like? A Purposeful value exchanges composed round 5 main flows of how productively peoples lives are used and 5 main demands human beings make as co-workers, customers, owners, stewards of the globe, stewards of society at the village level - moreQ: Why can't human race in 21st C be sustained with choice of economics made by 20th C biggest banks and govs etc? A Long Story: ER alumni are in their 37th year of offering debating scripts eg1 on wht some industrial age systems after world war 2 were designed to be too big to exist as the first net generation became more connected than separated by geographical borders ... What is known is that 2010s is most exciting decade to be an entrpreneur because our impacts define what will be possible for all our childrens' children more

    World Class Brands are in 25th year (as a subnetwork of Norman Macrae's Entrepreneurial Revolution) of helping sustain the most purposeful organsiations or markets in the world. Core to any charter of purpose is a quiz revolving round this question
    - who would uniquely miss what if this didn't exist?. From this Q&A's list of trust-flows, economics maps how to connect producers and demanders of the exchange in multi-win models of purpose. Henceforth, potential conflicts with this goodwill model are audited and resolved at every cycle so that unique purpose is celebrated to lead the future by continuously multiplying the most value and trust. This model provides the simplest benchmark around all exponential impact metrics of sustainability investement can be calculated and the transparency of all multi-win models are webbed around pro-youth economics. Questions welcomed washington dc hotline 1 301 881 1655


    Download reality of Yunus-led Grameen

    This site  The Web 

    Ways to Change Job Creating Capabilities of Universities -RSVP

     Social Business Chairs

    worlds first in paris at HEC 08 joined by Glasgow's in 2010 and now Kyushu Japan 2011

    "Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Center (SBRC)". press release >>here<< 

     Glasgow University signed a MoU to help create the missing economics course that invests in youth's productivity - one first project is the journal of social busienss and job creating economicsGlasgow Caledonian University provided Grameen in Dhaka its senior Nurse training professor so that Grameen Nursing College could start up with funding from Girl Power foundations like Nike - a way to ensure village girls who win scholarships to stay on to secondary school can further their career path with nursing -this being the most undersupplied job capability in bangaldesh 

    This is intended as a  first-draft discussion document focused round 3 questions of huge importance to me though I have somewhat limited experience of them.


    A What Can State of Georgia Do next to Empower Youth Job Creation
    Nobel Peace winner attends atlanta economic forum - pilot test of process to fly 50 states
    Judges of most exciting job creation competition ever held


    C How could the Georgia-OFCVC model go across 50 US states or other regions where educators want to help youth job create?


    B How do Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus methods such as Social Business funds and SB stockmarkets connect


    My perspective is framed largely by how my father’s and yunus ideas connect in seeing the purpose of economics as investing in next generations productivity , as well as share 4 years of information on who I have met inspired by yunus/bangladesh to help make 2010s youths most productive decade

    rsvp wash dc tel 1-301 881 1655


    A) & C)

    I mentor teenagers including my own that universities are the next big bubble in USA almost as dangerous to their productive lifetimes as Wall Street. Their costs and required student loans gone up astronomically, and the more expensive the university the less their principals seem to define their purpose in job creation terms


    Using the microentrepreneurial language of Yunus, most work in the future will be innovated while you are still being educated and enjoying extraordinary peer networks not by getting a top grade in an exam for a job waiting you in a big corporation or big government.


    A1 I therefore interpret Georgia’s 1000 youth SB competition as a breakthrough for liberating the relationship between student and teachers. Almost every idea presented needs its principal to ask where in our college are we learning to network how to create jobs from that idea. In other words the large part of funding (future) competition winners must come from changing processes and reallocation of universities own revenues as well as the state’s budgets for social or business development. However by being the first to demonstrate this method across states, Georgia and Yunus and OFCVC can claim training revenues from other states or demand other partnership exchanges. I


    A2 With job creation top of peoples agendas, there is also a timely opportunity to build on integrating the constituency networks OFCVC has developed in its 10 year long sharing of an entrepreneur program across colleges such as 1 principals 2 state and local government and development organisations 3 youth 4 business leaders


    A3 Two next choices seem critical – the first handful of states to extend to –what will they give to be part of the process; within Georgia who else has funds that ought to want to join in promoting an innovation out of Georgia that the world of youth wants most (jobs/ income-gen futures) Examples of Georgia-leading industries  could include coca-cola, branson who indirectly started entrepreneur training and virgin unite out of Atlanta, ted turner already a reform UN partner of yunus. Interface the world most exciting model of transforming industry to zero carbon


    Ideas of which states to extend to first:


    C1 interested to know where ofcvc 101 college strength is and whether eg texas is a first candidate; I was sat at dinner next to sponsoring family rehman whose daughter works for fed economic development out of Austin- Austin is where one of 2 US CEOs most supporting yunus is based – ie John Mackey whole foods


    C2 I have been searching which 4 places in usa could become epicenters for Yunus greatest projects- along with Atlanta I would suggest which ever state Intel chooses (the other US major  resources partner of Yunus and worldwide leader of infotech possibilities of Yunus) ; probably Massachussetts if we could negotiate that because the future of US education is tested out of there and Yunus number 1 global partnering agent (head of Grameen America) is headquartered in Boston; and maybe the princeton /new jersey region as which is where both monica yunus and sam daley harris are based.


    Although I am based in DC and Maryland, I can say from experience that I don’t find these states easy to connect universities , though would happily join a group testing inter-state demand at any future time.


    C3 A lot is changing in next few months so any ideas logged up now need continuous reappraisal:

    In particular 2012 is the most political in US 4-year cycle and this time jobs will be number 1 agenda


    Sam daley harris is ending 15 years of making microcredit his main network focus and turning to leading a wholly civil society networks- finding out his first regional hotspots seems relevant

    B0 How do Yunus methods such as SB funds and SB stockmarkets connect?


    B01 When I first met yunus at end of 2007 after forming  first 1000 social business  bookclub, he had two globally popular slogans that reinforced each other”

    • join human race to poverty museums
    • develop social business stockmarkets

    he also used a more detailed vocabulary

    a)social action – one year team development of small groups of students to test an emerging social business concept;

    b) social business to be the main model he used to govern any goal-oriented project, organisation or network;

    c)future capitalism to be a club of global partners connecting round yunus community economic models by investing some of the world’s most advanced tech resources as well as their finance and other capabilities

     This January 2008 video typifies how he then explained his open relationships with youth  education, investment, job creation linked to youths millennium goal networks The first chapter of his first book on social business was arguably the most relevant economic contribution to systemic development in the 33 years that I have heard people relate to my father’s 1976 article on entrepreneurial revolution in The Economist – for fathers surveys go to  

    B02 Something I would most like to see journal of social business do is use its back pages to catalogue/update all cases of sb funds and sb capital markets. The Economist started life with front pages on changing weekly news; and bank pages developing ever more informative data. Why not JOSB too?


    click pic to download journal of pro-youth economics 

    There are many variants and ways to intervene with “SB funds” but the strategic ones that the French help yunus co-create from 2005 are economically very different from the PR ones hans reitz suggests yunus should promote in any city that wants to commemorate him

     B3.1 My understanding is that yunus went through 3 extraordinary stages of innovation – each of which built on the other but became his next passion: B3.1.1 1976-1995 modeling 10 times more economic models in the village – fortunately the basic molecule of this was poorest mothers centres of 60 which interacted banking, ownership of community market, and hubbing knowhow B3.1.2 1996-2004 introducing mobiles through village phone ladies- one lady became hub connector with other 100000 hubs B3.1.3 2005 on when 4 large organisations in paris all offered to partner yunus with technology and funding to test an extreme innovation using rural bangladesh as an innovation lab B3.2 Oddly summits and world stage of yunus developed slightly out of sequence B3.2.1 1989 world bank asked for international arm Grameen Trust to be developed1997 microcreditsummit launched (along with Grameen foundation in DC); over next 9 years status of Yunus as Nobel Prize 2006 laureate grew but quality control of how summit advanced microcredit models diluted2003? Skoll asked yunus and abed to join Drayton , ashok’s founder of social entrepreneurs, to join world social entrepreneur club of 5. Yunus fairly quickly found that social entrepreneurs didn’t necessarily value having a business model- this seems to be where social business (entrepreneur) originated as a term, though it represented the main model no dividend, no loss, owned by poorest (or those in most need of purpose) that Yunus had innovated to bring sustainability to charities and bottom-up empowerment to aid 

    Obviously this could have been a lot longer. A lot of the above is an exploration of my first responses to what I understand the opportunities to be- both your questions and comments most welcomed.


    Sent to Prof Bhuiyan (1000 student jobs competition);Zasheem journal of social busienss Mostofa of youth ambassador 5000 and helping mrs begum link together education entrepreneurs




    I thought you might be interested to help improve on this sort of approach - for couple of months now inspired by Halima's hosting of 500 people celebrating french, obama and MIT startups at French Embassy DC,  I have been exploring any way to make contact with MIT as the western world's leading university model of job creation


    The question of how to connect Yunus university research and MIT knowhow is of course something you wil have better veiws on than I



    chris macrae


    Dear Glen Urban


    Sorry its been so long since our last contact when I was debriefing Harvard Business School marketing professors on turn of millennium triple issue of journal of marketing management that I guest edited on global media's biggest conflicts with sustainable community realities


    The foundation dedicated to my father Norman Macrae , The Economist's main journalist of entrepreneurship and the internet between 1949-1989,  wants to identify a world league table of universities that do most to create jobs and help youth openly network entrepreneurial spirit.


    MIT is the only university we would consider as first benchmark in USA. Could a member of our research team make an appointment to interveiw you on clues as to what MIT does entrepreneurially and differently in empowering students and job creation leaders 


    We are hoping to issue a first debriefing of this topic late September at French Embassy DC which recently hosted a MITEF gala. This aims to celebrate the time that US congress has asked for testimony on microeconomics.




    Chris Macrae

    Washington DC 1-301 881 1655


    Some other connections


    for 10 years in 1980s I worked in Paris at Novaction the worldwide developed or market models with express software


    my dad and I wrote the first book on the internet in 1984 and my own passion is ways of valuing trust and sustaining unique purspoe


    Dad's biography of Von Neumann was sponsored by Sloan Foundation


    My father believed that many of the ideas that Bangladesh created during its first 40 years were grounded in the microeconomics and grassroots networking of urgently needed innovations that  he believed in most. These included maps relevant to schumpeter's 2 million global village networking model - so the other university we are studying first is Muhammad Yunus and Sarkozi's choice for exploring new economics HEC; we are also working with some Adam Smith researchers in my family's original home region of Glasgow


    The other main project of Norman Macrae Foundation is intitial funding of Journal of Social Business. May I post you a copy of the inaugural issue that we have sampled to the congresmen who voted for microeconics testimony?


    Dear Emmanuelle

    I have returned from visiting Yunus in Dhaka. He has asked my father's friends and I to develop a roundtable process. He wants this tested first in DC region. I would like to meet to discuss if Embassy of France would want to be locational host of

    Each year Yunus has 3 or 4 biggest meetings around the world that are known in his diary well ahead. The next one is his testimony to US congress as genius microeconomist of our times which is the main prize of the Congressional Gold Medal which two thirds of Congress voted him for after many years of grassroots support from led by my friend Sam Daley-Harris. The date of this testimony in US Congress is currently confidential and just being fixed but its most likely to be end September

    What Yunus would like is a technology for poor and/or for job creation roundtable which is preceded by 2 salons where people and startup networks discuss who should be at the roundtable, and what viral good news on youth and technology we can all celebrate

    I would like to meet to discuss details of whether Emabssy of France would like to be the locational host of that. If I knew that in principle you would be happy then I would look for a major sponsor - eg Jeff Skoll - to partner the first 3 of these - ie the DC one and whichever turn out to be the next 2 significant places in the future history of yunus- One of these is likely to be Madrid as Queen Sofia is hosting the world microcreditsummit there in middle of November. I would also use the fact that my family's holiday is in Paris this year between June 16 to June 24 to ensure that all French startups partners of Yunus know of the technology roundtable series so that they can own as much of it as they want


    In Dr Yunus current situation it is only technology Social Businenss partnerships that he knows can be multiplied without interference of Sheikh Hasina. Consequently The CEO of his technology applications groups is now his most trusted envoy around the world except when he himself can be present. She has just retirned from the UN summit in Turkey.

    She aims to be in Paris in mid June with me

    In my father's last 3 years of life he became convinced that Yunus is the entrepreneurial revolutionary of our net generation. Once Yunus technology roundtables get to pilot stage I can write to his major lifetime friends including Romano Prodi and Mary Robinson and Prince Charles and The Emperor of Japan (who awarded him te Order of Rising Sun with glold bars) to see if their regions wish to be involved.

    Since start ofd 2008, my familiy have connected 2050 book readers of Dr Yunus and sponsored the Journal of Social Business and and two of his birthday wish dialogues so friends of Yunus increasingly lets me know who his most trusted world partners are ; so we can get his permission to see which of them may feel that this first DC-based series is a special opportunity. Many in France see Yunus as having helped renew national interest in entrepreneurs as job creators (I can bring you a special issue of Liberation which featured a yunus article on every page) and this could be the right time to involve Obama Startups leaders over here. Recent news from Spain makes it clear any learning in startups will be most valued over there


    chris macrae washingtin dc  usa=1 301 881 1655

    references -

    fathers 1984 future history on how to sustain youth of the net generation

    father 40 years of surveys at The Economist

    father's last article :  how Yunus and microeconomists can help prevent 2010s compounding a decade of slumps

    france's main portal to good news with dr yunus

    .If Business Schools were ranked by job creation, end poverty, investing in youth and sustainability knowhow networking - what would league tables look like?


    Premier League


    MIT 0 1 2 3


    First Division

    Kyushu Japan

    AIT, Bangkok

    Glasgow University and Glasgow Caledonian

    Second Diviision

    Univeristy of Bologna; University of Florence

    Asian University of Women, Chittagong

    we are particularly interested in more reviews of AIT Bangkok

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